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I started my journey to Yoga with Pilates in 2009 following several years of repeated lower back pain. Pilates helped me begin to strengthen my back and created an interest in Yoga.  I tried Yoga for the first time early in 2012 and have been in love with it ever since.


The improvement in my back health has been incredible; I do not suffer with any back pain now and am stronger than ever before.  My increased strength and flexibility has benefited other sports I participate in such as mountain biking, running and swimming.  I wanted others to benefit from Yoga so decided to train as a teacher.  I trained at  the Sam Rao Yoga School and started teaching in 2015. http://www.samraoyoga.com/


I love the flow and movement of Yoga; the connection between body, mind and breath.  I want to understand why every posture and move will benefit my body and pass this knowledge on when I teach.


Within each Beginner, 75 or 90 minute class, I teach basic Hatha Yoga which flows from one pose to another and allows the student time to settle in each posture, enjoy the stretch and build strength.  I also teach 60 minute Gentle Yoga classes for those who want to improve flexibility and strength in a gentle manner.


My training is in Hatha Yoga.  I have attended classes in Hatha Flow, Vinyassa Flow, Iyengar and Yin Yoga.  I am currently studying for my 300 hours Post Graduate Course with Waking Minds Yoga.     https://wakingmindsyoga.co.uk/

 Postural alignment and student safety are very important to me but the most important element of all my classes is to create a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


About Silva and her Yoga

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