About Classes

About the Classes

General Information about the classes.

All classes are designed to be suitable, safe and enjoyable for beginner and intermediate Yogis.


Adults of all ages are welcome. Please let me know if you have existing conditions by email or telephone prior to the class.


For the 75 minute class - Class format is generally a gentle warm up followed by a flow of postures to increase body temperature and then a range of poses to build strength and increase flexibility.  We then move to gentle stretches and twists to cool down.  The end of the class usually consists of a breathing practice to calm the body and mind with a final section of relaxation to close the session.


For the Beginners class - Class format is similar in order but focuses on the foundation poses with extra time taken to ensure correct allignment and movement into and out of postures. 


For the Gentle Yoga class - Class format is similar in order but at much less intense level.  The class is aimed at those with limited flexibility or reduced strength who want to gradually build and improve both areas. 


For all classes each person is encouraged to focus on their own practice and to do only as much as feels right for them.  We are all different so a posture that one person finds easy another might find more difficult.  Yoga is an excellent way to improve your own strength and flexibility against your own starting point - wherever that may be.


I use a combination of demonstration, verbal guidance and adjustment.  Each posture will be taught with options to practice the next stage or level if the Yogi wishes


Every week will have a different focus; some postures will be familiar every week others will be introduced to keep the class interesting and fresh.


For the Beginner...


  • It is best to wear comfortable clothing such as leggings or jogging bottoms and a T shirt.
  • Socks, a warm fleece or jumper, maybe even a blanket are useful for relaxation at the end of the class in cooler weather.
  • Some water to sip on is a good idea in hot weather.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat.




Questions? - Please get in touch on 07899 845417 / silva.cooper@yogasilva.co.uk