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Yoga Nidra

What is yoga nidra?

Yoga nidra is a form of relaxation.  It is usually a guided practice and allows you to access the state of consciousness that is between waking and sleeping.  Yoga nidra will allow you to relax deeply.  We are living in a time when many of us are exhausted and struggling to rest. The practice of yoga nidra allows us to carve out some time to focus upon our own relaxation. Sometimes, people drift off to sleep for some or all of the time.  This is absolutely fine; if the body needs to sleep, then allow that to happen.

Often as we try to relax, our mind wanders and we may begin to worry or think about something that causes us concern - this prevents us from relaxing.  As yoga nidra is guided, the brain is occupied following the guide’s voice and this helps to reduce the wandering of the mind, aiding your relaxation.

Yoga nidra is practiced in a very relaxed position; lying down with plenty of cushions, blankets, bolsters and even a duvet if you like.  The plan is that once you get comfortable, you stay still, but if you need to move – that’s fine.

Why do yoga nidra?

Life can be stressful, with lots of different worries.  We might try to distract ourselves with TV, social media or being very busy.  This can leave our minds and bodies over stimulated, so it is essential to take time to properly relax.  Yoga Nidra is a really effective way to do this as you draw all your senses to focus inwards with the exception of your hearing and your yoga nidra guide takes you on a journey to focus into your body and into your imagination.

What happens at a yoga nidra session with Silva?

A yoga nidra session with me takes about an hour. 

There is some very gentle stretching yoga movement to make lying down easy, followed by  settling down and getting more comfortable.  Once everyone is cosy, the nidra itself takes about 25 to 30 minutes.

The nidra usually involves a visualisation and I will always advise on the theme so there are no surprises within the story whilst you relax. Drawing yourself back from the delicious rest takes a while.  If it's possible in the venue, I will provide a hot drink and some chocolate or dried fruit to have whilst we awaken fully and prepare for the journey home.

What to bring to a session?

Wearing comfortable clothing is best. 

Some water to drink if you need it.

Your yoga mat

Lots of comfy things to make yourself really settled during the practice.  This may include blankets, pillows, cushions, duvets, a sleeping bag, a bolster and eye pillow if you have them.  All of these are good, if it helps you relax and rest - you can even bring your teddy bear if you like.